Monday, September 12, 2011

He works so hard. He Is My Man (>.<) ~* Episode 3

(Please kindly proceed to Episode 1 and 2 before you start reading this post. Thank you for your cooperation.)

So now, Superman is in Sarawak, far far away from his family. And, I know that it is time for me to do something for him. I am going to apply to be transferred there too.

Although we may fight very often due to the tiny little things happened in life,
Although I may feel like killing him sometimes,
Although life may not be easy for us,

I know, it is time for us to build our own home sweet home, just the three of us, live together with the support of one another, to overcome the obstacles in life, to share the tears and laughters...
I can imagine the happiness when we live together, being the parents to our beloved Eva and sharing house chores. Even though house work is not my favourite, I will try my hard to be a responsible housewife. To realise my words, I am now learning baking and cooking. And, to make it easy, I think I should train my princess to manage her life by herself: iron her own clothes, wash her own plates, clean her own bedroom, etc. and I can just goyang kaki...(oppss... that is just my imagination, heh!)

And Superman, I know he will do his best to provide us with the most comfortable life, just like what he has promised. He has thought of the worst scenario, which is to rent himself to some rich but lonely widows or mistress... Ehhem... just joking...

In conclusion, I hope Mr. Superman a.k.a Bodyguard will read this and know that I really appreciate his efforts and hard work all this while. I'm not a heartless wife, although sometimes I may be a little bit too mean to you (just a little bit, I swear.)

The purpose I'm writing these three posts to you is because, I have not been celebrating your birthdays with you since the year we dated. I'm really sorry (but sometimes it was not my fault ya). Here is my advanced birthday present to you. Hope you will get to read it and spice up (a little bit) your lonely and busy life in Sarawak. Hope to meet you soon. Happy birthday in advance. Love ya~



  1. Your husband will be so touched!

    Welcome to Kuching, Sarawak!:)

  2. He read it already, and just said it is cute. T.T haha, thanks, anyway. ^^ When will u get ur posting?

  3. Hello Jessie, well written post. Love, marriage relationships has never been a straight road, and it's teamwork that makes a relationship steer thru the high seas for which no compass has been invented.

    Romantic love reaches out in little ways, showing attention and admiration.
    Romantic love remembers what pleases a woman, what excites her, and what surprises her. It's actions whisper, you are the most special person in my life.

    You heard someone whisper your name, but when you turned around to see who it was, you are alone. Then you realized that it was your heart telling you that you miss him.
    You have a pleasant day and keep a song in your heart.

  4. Uncle Lee: Thanks for your comment.I think love is not only about appreciating the good things, but also the bad ones.^^

    Manda: I'm learning baking now and haven't started with my cooking lesson so far. Hopefully I get to learn something before being transferred to Sarawak.

  5. No posting yet so far. Heard that it will be next year. Good luck with your baking and cooking lessons! When will u know your transfer? Do contact us when you are posted here! :))

  6. I think my transfer result will be out on 14th November. Hopefully get to work in Sarawak and experience a different life there. Sure,don't forget to come out and yamcha with me if I get to transfer there ya. Enjoy ur freedom before posting too^^