Monday, September 12, 2011

He works so hard. He Is My Man (>.<) ~* Episode 1

This is a story-telling session. Please be patient while reading.

Warning: No entry to diabetic patients and sadistic people.

2009 is the most dramatic year in my life because I met the superhero--A man who claimed himself as... SUPERMAN.
No, he is not an egoistic or SS (syiok sendiri) person. He is called Superman as his Chinese name is pronounced that way (more or less). When we were a couple, we were 400KM away from each other. So, I traveled to KL from JB every weekend to meet him and sometimes he came to JB. We went for movies, meals and did all the stuffs a couple normally did. (Duh?! What else? hehe)

A few weeks after we coupled, he actually said he wanted to marry me (WHAT!!) Ya, that's how I felt when he threw that sentence at me. But, after a few months, I really married him. God knows what I had been thinking. Maybe just like what they have always said, 'When you meet that person, you will know that he is the one.' It's a little bit cliche, I know...

we got married.

This is how things started. A few months after the wedding dinner, our princess, Eva Wong YiShuen joined the family.

We are hoping to give the best to our princess. One of the most basic thing is , a complete family. However, right after Eva's arrival, Superman was posted to Bukit Ibam, the deserted area of Pahang. So, we were further apart, like 800KM. Ghost! It took him almost 13hours every time driving back to see us.

(To be continued...)

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