Friday, October 14, 2011

Life is cool when... can find a reason to make yourself happy.

When my life is boring, I tell myself, 'how great! nothing troublesome is happening around me.'

When my life is busy, I remind myself, 'be patient. Don't you hear the money is checking into your account?'

When I miss my husband, I say to myself again, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.'

When my baby is torturing me and refuses to sleep at 1a.m., I comfort myself, 'she just wants my companion. See how cute she is.'

Never know I am an optimistic person until now. I hope I can continue to be this optimistic.

At least, if I happen to be depressed or upset, I can read back what I have written and cheer myself up again.

*why do I sound so sad anyway?

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