Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Facebook Fasting Month

I have always been the one who cannot resist the temptation and have no self-control over addictive stuffs, like Facebook, branded bags etc...

During my trip to Paris, I suddenly 'felt' that I LOVE branded bags and bought a few. So, when I'm back to Malaysia, I bought the last one (in this year, hopefully) and decided to stop buying.

And now, it's Facebook. My friend once told me, 'I don't need to ask about you because I can catch up with your life easily via Facebook.' Yesterday, after a call with my husband, I found myself clinging on to Facebook since I step into the marriage phase. Or to be more accurate, I have no L.I.F.E.

I have become one of those who have nothing else to do than just 'reporting' their daily lives on the Facebook wall. My husband said, 'smart' people won't reveal too much personal information on social networking sites and save no privacy to themselves. Of course, this is just a joke from him. However, it makes me realize that I have overexposed myself on Facebook, including my baby. Besides, it has become the breeding grounds for rumors and gossips, just like 'online pasar pagi'. So, to prevent myself from turning into a big KEPO, I have made a decision:

to stay away from Facebook for a month and GET A LIFE.

Now, I will transfer my addiction from Facebooking to Blogging. At least, blogging improves my writing skills. I can write about anything and everything, not just about myself. And, I do not have any chance to peek at people's latest updates and make up stories from there.

Good luck to me!

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