Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello, world! I'm back!

Ok, I have started a new blog after a long time abandoning the old one. There were so many things I would like to share with my friends and so many thoughts appeared in my mind. Yet, my busy family and school lives caused me to discontinue my blogging habit. Oh, okay, it sounds like an excuse. Never mind.After all, I am back.

Ok, sorry because I am going to start with something heavy here. You would wonder what is the thing that gives me such a strong inspiration to start blogging again. Well, it's the HOT issue discussed by all the people out there.

Maybe some of you would not agree with me here, and being a 'coward' and 'skema' person as I have always been called, I seriously think the COLOUR ISSUE should not have been ended up this way.

I almost laughed out loud while reading some friends 'angry and emotional status' regarding the issue. Let me make myself clear here. I do not support or stand on anyone's side. Here are just my very personal opinions.

1) I do think that every country should be liberal enough to allow people to voice out their dissatisfaction. Using chemical weapons against the innocence can just give us a bad name. Salute those who can stand the gas and strong current of water. *ouch*

* Comment (2) has been deleted due to the anger of the readers who think that police force should not have been acting violently against the people. *Told u I'm a coward* After deep consideration, I think some of them who deliberately treated the people brutally SHOULD be blamed, yet those who didn't should not suffer the scoldings. One is not all.

3) Can you deny that the OPPOSING PARTY has somehow manipulated people's sense of justice in helping them to get what they want? Give an example, a little 16-year-old girl's death due to her admittance to the general hospital being refused by the hospital authority. The reason is because they are not able to pay deposit beforehand. What has it to do with the government? Try send her to any private hospital, they will reject her admittance for the same reason. So, I feel very sad for those who are easily manipulated by the politicians. After being educated for so many years, they still haven't got their brains developed. Sorry for being rude... but this is what I think. We should not let people to put words into our mouths. People who always make mistakes does not mean they do nothing right.

5) The last one, for those who are getting paid by the government every month, if you think the government treats you so badly, why bother to stay with them, PLEASE LEAVE. Don't tell me you don't have a choice. You DO. Sometimes, LOVE means you accept the good and bad. I love my husband, I will not kill him just because he has committed some mistakes. I will tell him and give him a chance to make it up instead. If you love your country, do something more constructive than just swearing and yelling on Facebook wall everyday. We do what we can do and hope for the best. But, be grateful to what we have now compared to other countries who have suffered the worst.

6)Being brave to speak does not mean you are right. And, does not take aggressiveness as righteousness. Being quiet does not mean I am a coward. I just choose to appreciate what I have now and hope you feel the same.

All in all, I do salute those who dare to stand out for the liberty of the country. But, beware of what you are doing so that you won't be blindly led by those who have bad intentions behind that. Anyway, I think there are so many people in this world: there must be some who are angry and always speak out for themselves or even others; or others (like me) who always think on the bright side and will stay peace and easy as long as people do not take too much advantage of us. (sikit-sikit boleh la)

AGAIN, I restate that I strongly agree with people who stand out for the betterment of our country, but I just do not hope this good intention be distorted and become the weapon of the Opposing party... That's all.
Any comments are welcome. Who knows I may edit my blog again? ^^

Yang baik dari Tuhan, yang kurang baik dari saya. Sekian. Y(^-^)Y


  1. Welcome back girl! Ok, here's what I think. Whether you agree with it or not, i still love ya.

    Point 2: The police - yes, they were only doing what they are told. especially the ones in the scene. but Jibby gave the big boss of PDRM to make the final call. instead of deciding to make sure that the rally would go on as peacefully, he decided they should be against it. n they were NOT defending and protecting the people. they even beat up the rakyat, old people not excluded. the pictures will tell u everything.

    Point 3: i dont get your metaphor, but yes, i do agree that the opposition party had used this as a platform of campaign. Jibby could've used this rally to redeem themselves and show that they do care about the rakyat's concern. hell, he could even manipulate it n turn the people against the opposing party. but he didnt. hence it was turned against him.

    Point 5 (which was supposed to be 4 :P): i am hoping for a better government to rule the country, n i will exercise my right to see that it would happen. i wasn't treated badly per se, but my state is, so that makes me want to have a better future for my state.after all, the true intention of the rally is for a cleaner electoral, so that means both sides should play fair. it doesnt mean only one side plays dirty.

    Point 6: i agree.we are all entitled to our opinions, n we cant force other people to believe what we do. so the anti-rally might see me as a manipulated idiot, n vice versa. so it's better that we shut the eff up n only scoff at each other's retarded opinions. that being said, why am i still commenting on this issue is because i wanna be the first to comment on ur post :D

  2. You have your point. But I wonder if those out there seriously understood what they are saying or they are just behaving like angry teens who hate the world they are living in. So far, I haven't heard of any people who show their gratitude with what they are having, but keep on complaining on what they are lack of. Once there is somebody who criticizes the government, sure he or she will get a huge number of supporters praising his or her guts and bravery. This is so sick. Of course, I agree with the clean election part though. but, what we need for the betterment of the country is constructive suggestions instead of malicious criticizes. Just like, Ambiga's intention Is good but others may not be. We need to be rational in filtering the news. Thanks for ur comment. ^^