Monday, July 11, 2011

Oral Test

I'm here not to talk bad about my students. I'm amazed ( and amused ) by their bravery for trying to speak although they are not competent in English. And, I would like to dedicate this post to all teachers and teachers-to-be. Being teachers are not that easy... ^^

This is what happened between a F5 student and me during the oral test. He was called to the staffroom for the oral test:

Me: What is your name?
A : Erm... name tu nama ke, teacher?
Me: Ya.
A : A...h...m...a...d... (spelling alphabet by alphabet)
Me: Saya tak suruh eja, hanya bagitau je nama.
A : Oh, ok... My name is Ahmad... (quite fluent)
Me: Where are you studying?
A : study ar? .... (after a long pause) Home.
Me: Hang belajar kat rumah? Jadi, mai ke sekolah buat apa?
A : Oh... sorry sorry... SMK Dato Ali Ahmad.
Me: How do you come to school?
A : How tu apa teacher?
Me: Bagaimana.
A : Oh... (confidently) Happy.
Me: Huh? Hang datang ke sekolah dengan kenderaan 'happy'?
A : Oh... haha.... motorcycle.
Me: What is your hobby?
A : Fishing.. (bingo! finally got one correct)
Me: Good. Then, when do you go fishing?
A : When tu apa?
Me: Bila.
A : Today.

The two teachers in the staffroom laughed out loud. Me? Pengsan terus.

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