Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stop being an angry bird, please...

People get more and more angry nowadays.

They hate everything they hear, they see or even a question thrown at them.

They hate the world, I guess...

They want the world to leave them alone, but they will never leave the world alone themselves.

They are craving for juicy gossips and news, especially those whom or which they hate or dislike, and make malicious comments on them.

SADISTIC people, aren't they?

Feel so sad for those who become their preys.

Get a positive life. Seriously.

Life which is full of hatred is not beautiful.

That's none of my business,

but I hope everyone can be positive and leave their hatred behind to the past.

Let's give ourselves a healthy and peaceful world, mentally.

Stop hating.


*do I sound like a peace ambassador? hehe...

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