Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diary 3/11/2011

Have been working so hard lately. Students are facing their SPM in the coming two weeks. Many extensive tuition classes are being carried out at home. So, my schedule is very very full... really. Yet, I still need to pay my undivided attention to my beloved daughter, Eva Wong, at night after tuition. So, my timetable is like this-->

6.30-7.30a.m.: Wake up, get ready to go to school.

7.30a.m.-2.40p.m.: War at school starts.

2.40p.m.-3.00p.m.: Go home.

3.00-5.30p.m.: Bathe and eat, while stealing some time to blog or fb.

5.30-8.30p.m.: War in tuition room starts.

8.30p.m.-??.00p.m.: Precious time with Eva Wong.

Tonight, my mom has rewarded me with a bowl of bird nest.

This is not the first time I drink, yet the taste seems to be much nicer than last time.

Maybe, I think, the sweetness that is tasted after bitterness makes it sweeter than ever ^o^

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